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Car DVR S04

Product introduction

With SOS function,the product is convenient and actual.

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At video mode, short press Mode button to turn on or turn off sounds.



In video mode, the car brakes suddenly or hit heavily, G-sensor will activate to prevent the current video clip from overwritten. Three grades setting (high, medium, low) is to cater for different car owners.



In video mode, short press Menu button to save the file manually in case of important files are lost. (This file cannot be overwrite.)


Digital Zoom

In video/photo mode, press Up button to zoom in, max support 4x . Press Down button to zoom out, minimum support 1:1.


Switch Lens

In video/standby mode, short press ON/OFF button to switch lens.


Park Monitoring Function

Long press Mode to turn on/off park monitoring function. This function is applicable to parking monitor security.

Basic parameters


Sensor2.36’TFT LCD screen

Pixel1.0 mp

Lens120 degree wide angle

Minimal Illumination1LUX

Video Resolution1080FHD/720P/480P

Video FormatAVI /MJPG


Photo Resolution12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2M/1.3M/VGA/1.3M

Photo FormatJPG

AV INSupport

Motion DetectionSupport

Loop Recording Off /1min/2mins/5mins

Parking MonitorSupport

Screen SaverMicro SD card(max support 64GB)


Digital Zoom Support


StorageMicro SD card(Max support 32GB)

SOSShortcut button to remote control

License PlateSupport

Time-lapse RecordSupport

USB PortUSB2.0

Power Port USB5V/500MA





File name :
A107 Product specification
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Product video :

  • Please reference the following solutions :

    1. Can not take photo/video Check whether the TF card has enough space.

    2. Automatically stop while recording Please use the super-speed TF card that compatible with SDHC due to the huge of HD video data. The super-speed TF card has the logo of C4 or C6.

    3. Appeared “File error “message when start up or reply images and videos. Please use ‘Formatting’ function to reformat TF card while TF card to store data error and the file was not complete.

    4. Inconsistent of video files section time TF card files system is wrong, please use ‘Formatting’ function to reformat TF card.

    5. Misty photos Please check whether the lens has dirt, finger prints. Wipe lens with lens paper before taking

    6. The image is very dark when shooting the sky, water and other scenes. Adjust "EV" value to perfect the automatic exposure effect if in big contrast brightness.

    7. The color not perfect under the lighting of cloudy day or indoor. Please check whether car DVR "White Balance" function set to automatic.

    8. The image interference with horizontal stripes. This is generated to setting wrong “optical frequency”. Please set as “50Hz” or “60Hz” according to the local power supply frequency.

    9. Crash machine Short press reset button to restart after crash machine.

    10. Time setting No screen machine setting time usually though TXT document, time format and usage please reference to instruction. Screen machine setting time by time setting menu.


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