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Car DVR A060D

Product introduction

This product adopts the large, curved glass, configuration of German technology new anti glare technology, better performance. The whole process of vehicle dynamic video and sound recording, such as the case of vehicle accidents, can retain the effective evidence at the time. The video and audio data host Micro SD card records, the vehicle driving conditions, and various factors such as the dynamic picture retained. If the accident handling disputes, can provide you for accident analysis and judgment, to provide the first time to grasp the most effective evidence and handle the fastest and strain.

  • Model:   A060D
  • DVR Size:  278*96*49mm
  • Gift box Size:  295*120*70mm
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  • Specification
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4.3 Ultra-wide screen

4.3 inch TFT LCD super large screen with LED IR light module, image clarity, and contrast and color design lets you easily view and edit images. Support video and image play.



AV-IN rearview mirror for reversing can clearly see the rear of the vehicle environment, avoid collision you back.


Super Widescreen

Arc rearview mirror with special explosion-proof, sunscreen, high temperature resistant material and dazzling arc lens, a much broader view more clearly. The effective protection of the traffic safety, after the shutdown, can be used when the reflective mirror, very good, like the original car configuration, does not occupy a space, does not affect the perspective.


Bluetooth Hands-free calls

In some country, it will be punished when you are driving and calling. A060D CAR DVR Bluetooth machine to protect you from being punished, have it all without worry! Cell phone hands-free dialogue, safe driving, HD video shooting along the beautiful scenery, clear recording the whole process when you are driving.


Adjustable lens angle

A full range of shots according to you want to beat angle above and below to adjust, everything in you eyes!


Static HD

12.0 MP pixel camera color detailed, no particles of sawtooth, can flush out 15x20 inch color photo.


H.264. MOV Video format 30fps

It adopts the most advanced H.264 compression technology, can provide a longer time. High definition video function of 1280x720/848x480/640x480 30fps, line speed state clearly shoot, can meet the needs of users.


Audio and video synchronization

pen/close the recording function
When you talk, do not want to sound also recorded in the file, you can choose whether or not to close the recording, retaining only the image recording.



GPS tracking record, can receive the GPS satellite signals to your lane time, date, speed and GPS travel path, also recorded. The software can be simultaneously broadcast the film with GOOGLE MAP, clearly shows you exercise in the video data in the route on the map.


Form the angle of 120 degree

Before and after the 120 degree wide angle lens covering a larger perspective,can have a greater depth of field even in a small space. Has the ultra wide angle lens, rear parking convenient, installed in your car can let you take less than the dead angle panoramic view.


Memory card expansion

Maximum support 32GB TF memory card as data logger styles, memory card support is also very rich. 16GB memory card, for most people is enough, but also can support a maximum of 32GB TF memory card, can store many photos, films to meet your needs.



TV OUT high-definition video and audio can provide data transmission frequency to the big screen TV.


Motion Detector

Motion detection: set the standby mode motion detection, not video pictures, when someone through the camera view or object sloshing will automatically start video, still after 1 minutes again into the standby state, daytime, evening convenient parking control, will not delay the time to check blank video waste of time.



The change of force sensitive sensor vehicle weight, vehicle collisions, was tapping vehicle will be perceived perception that software startup emergency video and locking.

Basic parameters


Min. Illumination1LUX

Shell color Black

Single/Dual/Triple Camerasingle+AV IN

Viewing Angle120 degree

LCD (size//pixel)4.3" LCD/480*272

Video Resolution1280*720/640*480

Video FormatMOV@H.264

Frame Rate30fps

Loop recording 1min/2min/5min/OFF

Photo Resolution1M/2M/3M/5M/8M/12M

Photo formatJPG




Power inputCar charger


Battery capacity3.7V/300mAH

Language Chinese simplified/Chinese Traditional /English/Deutsch/Japanese/ French/ Portuguese/Korean/ Italiano/Russian

Memory cardMicro SD Card, Max support 32GB

Support functionVideo. Photo, Preview

Motion DetectionSupport



Operating Temperature-10℃—60℃

Standard AccessoriesCar charger, Manual, USB cable, AV-IN camera

DVR Size278*96*49MM

DVR N.W.360g

Giftbox Size278*96*49MM

G.W.(inl. DVR& accessories&giftbox)886g

Bluetooth HandsfreeSupport

Intelligent Voice BrodcastingSupport

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A060D Product specification
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  • Please reference the following solutions :

    1. Can not take photo/video Check whether the TF card has enough space.

    2. Automatically stop while recording Please use the super-speed TF card that compatible with SDHC due to the huge of HD video data. The super-speed TF card has the logo of C4 or C6.

    3. Appeared “File error “message when start up or reply images and videos. Please use ‘Formatting’ function to reformat TF card while TF card to store data error and the file was not complete.

    4. Inconsistent of video files section time TF card files system is wrong, please use ‘Formatting’ function to reformat TF card.

    5. Misty photos Please check whether the lens has dirt, finger prints. Wipe lens with lens paper before taking

    6. The image is very dark when shooting the sky, water and other scenes. Adjust "EV" value to perfect the automatic exposure effect if in big contrast brightness.

    7. The color not perfect under the lighting of cloudy day or indoor. Please check whether car DVR "White Balance" function set to automatic.

    8. The image interference with horizontal stripes. This is generated to setting wrong “optical frequency”. Please set as “50Hz” or “60Hz” according to the local power supply frequency.

    9. Crash machine Short press reset button to restart after crash machine.

    10. Time setting No screen machine setting time usually though TXT document, time format and usage please reference to instruction. Screen machine setting time by time setting menu.


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