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mood of a week | by admin on December 24, 2011
Thisvideo explains about an Event data recorder system on cars, this is the sameconcept in that of a black box in an aeroplane. It monitors all the criticalparameters of a car like engine speed, vehicle speed, throttle, brake, fuellevel, etc. This is useful while accidents, for insurance companies and policeto cross check these parameters and come to a conclusion on the cause of theaccident, like was that a purposefully made one or a real accident.The black box (event data re
mood of a week | by admin on December 08, 2011
Summer is upon us, and that means its vacation time forfamilies all across the country. With school letting out and the beautifulweather, its the perfect time for a week or two away from home. Unfortunately,as the weather heats up, crime rates tend to spike as well. According to theFBI, crime rates go up between 6 and 16 percent during the months of June,July, and August. You want to go on vacation, but you dont want to leave yourhome a target for burglars while you are away
mood of a week | by admin on November 23, 2011
Black box data on cars could be used to determine whether a defect caused a crash. But privacy advocates want limits on who has access to the information.Share on FacebookGM has acknowledged that a defective ignition switch played a role in 31 crashes and 13 fatalities involving cars like this 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt, including one in Canada.By: Dana Flavelle Economy, Published on Fri Apr 18 2014It was the black box in Brooke Meltons 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt that pointed an indepe
mood of a week | by admin on November 23, 2011
Vehicle Car DVR Blackbox camera is more andmore popular device for your car security, it likes the plane blackbox, it canrecord all things inside or outside of you car.The Car DVR is a specialized camera, so thevideo resolution and the frame is the most important.Two years ago, most carblackbox are 640x480 piexl at 10-20FPS, now in 2012 most new released carcamera can record 720P or 1080P HD videos at 20-30fps, so, the video is moreclearly and Smoot, And of course the price i
mood of a week | by admin on November 23, 2011
Every new parent knows the thrills and joys that accompanythose first few months of parenthood. The miracle of birth. The overwhelmingfeelings of love as you snuggle and play with this tiny new life. Theincredible experience of getting to know your new son or daughter.But those early newborn days also come with a huge learningcurve and a lot of sleepless nights. When you havent slept for more than 2 or3 hours at a stretch for days, small inconveniences can suddenly seem muchw
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